Joint training project from two schools of sound therapy SOUND YOGA (Russia) ( ) and OCEAN OF PEACE (Indonesia) ( ).

6 FEBRUARY 2021, 10: 00-14: 00

Venue: Ubud (Bali, Indonesia)

Day 1 (4 hours)
Copper Buddha Program
Basic program for using 1 Copper Buddha (S / M / L) Singing Bowl.

Teacher: Ruslan Ocean.
Founder of OCEAN OF PEACE sound therapy school in Indonesia, official representative of SOUND YOGA < / strong> (Russia).

Theory :

  1. The real history of singing bowls and the development of the culture of sound therapy.
  2. Classification of singing bowls by their properties. The main types of singing bowls for therapy and what are their main differences from souvenirs and other types of bowls.
  3. How to use singing bowls correctly and safely, general indications and contraindications.
  4. Impact and application singing bowls. What are sound and vibration and how do they affect the physical body, human psyche, water and the surrounding space.

Practice :

  1. Sound production techniques, types of instruments.
  2. Basic vibration massage techniques with singing bowls.
  3. Schemes for working with one singing bowl for different parts of the body.

Experience :

  1. We will learn how to do contact and indirect vibration massage with one cup for ourselves and others.
  2. Working in pairs (sitting, standing, lying on your stomach and back).
  3. Answers to technical questions.


Upon graduation, participants are given two certificates of completion of training from “SOUND YOGA” (Russia) and “OCEAN OF PEACE” (Indonesia) schools .


Until January 25 – 3500 rubles. (650.000 IDR; USD 50)
Until January 31 – 4500 rubles. (850.000 IDR; USD 65).
From February 1st – 5500 rubles. (1.050.000 IDR; USD 75).

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