How to individually work with the human body through contact (with the setting of bowls on the body; work more with the physical body) and non-contact (the bowls are held next to the body, but vibrations are felt inside; work with subtle bodies and energy flows) methods. Practical application on the human body, schemes of work, order and sequence. Working with chakras and energy centers. Also working with hot bowls.

Format: In-Person (Bali, Indonesia).

Duration: 6 hours.

Course plan:

  • Precautions in massage technique
  • Types of bowl activation
  • Chakra system
  • Human energy structure
  • Preparation of the space for the massage
  • Positive effects
  • Diagnostics during massage
  • The sequence of performing vibro-acoustic massage
  • Massage Vibration-acoustic (VAM) in the prone position
  • Massage practices with 1 bowl
  • Technique Triangle (contact, lying on the back)
  • Techniques of amplification (additional bowl) – non-contact
  • Chakra activation and 5 elements balancing
  • Vibro-acoustic massage
  • Massage Healing/balancing chakras
  • Massage with hot water bowls (Warm Water Therapy)
  • Massage Sliding (contact, lying on the stomach)
  • Massage Healing of the heart chakra. Prevention of the cardiovascular system
  • Work with legs, prevention of varicose veins

Private Training Price:

  • 1 person: 400 USD;
  • 2 person: 320 USD per person;
  • 3 and more: 280 USD per person.

Regular Group Training Price (one time in month, up to 10 person): 260 USD per person.

Upon completion of the training, a certificate of completion of the course is issued.

The training is intended for those who have passed “Singing Bowls Training: Level 1 – Basics”.

Special conditions:

-10% discount for the purchase of singing bowls in our store;