Jungle Singing Bowls Sound Healing

Group session of singing bowls sound bath in jungles.

Duration 1.5 hour.

Chakra Balancing (Non-Contact Massage)

Non-contact sound bath private session.

Duration 1 hour.

Singing Bowls Contact Massage Therapy

Contact massage private session.

Duration 1 hour.

Cacao Ceremony

Private group ceremony.


Duration: 2 hour.

Rapéh Ceremony

Group/Private session.


Duration: 1 hour.

Kambo Ceremony

Healing ceremony of cleansing the body with the secretion of the Amazonian giant monkey frog.

Group/Private session in-person.

Duration: 2 hour.

Sacred Night Soul Healing Ceremony

Group/Private special 1 night ceremony.


Duration: 1 day.