Group session of singing bowls sound bath in jungles.


We will start by introducing the participants and creating an intention for the session.
After we lie down and do meditation to relax the body.
Further, in the first part, non-contact vibro-acoustic ringing of participants’ bodies with singing bowls will be carried out, during which work will be done with balancing energy centers (chakras), breaking down internal blocks and clamps in the body, harmonizing energy flows. The process will use universal healing energy.
In the second part there will be a Sound Bath of singing bowls, during which you can relax by the sounds of these wonderful instruments, clear your mind, start internal regenerative processes in the body, plunge deeply into a journey through the inner world.
After that we will do a little meditation on awakening and will slowly come back to the sounds of the guitar and peaceful songs.
In the end, we will drink herbal tea and share our sensations and feelings from the session.

Small group: up tov6 person.

Morning session: 11am
Evening session: 6pm

Duration: 2 hour.

Booking directly:

  • 150 USD (2.400.000 IDR) for private session (private session for 1-2 person)
  • 50 USD (800.000 IDR) per spot (private session for 3-6 person)