For beginners, with the basics of how to work with a crystal bowl, sound production, what types there are, sticks, how to choose a bowl, what you can do with it. Practice for self-meditation. Voice singing with crystal bowls.

For whom: those who want to meditate / buy with singing bowls, aspiring sound therapists (sound healers), yoga teachers, musicians

Theoretical part:

  • History of the Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Effect of bowls on the human body / effect on humans
  • How and where are singing bowls used
  • Where and how are they produced
  • What are the materials of the inverter, the coating
  • How to choose the right one or more bowls
  • What are the types of singing bowls (Crystal, Quartz, Alchemy), forms
  • What sticks are used for work, sound techniques and errors
  • Surface for working with singing bowls (bagels, lining)
  • Types of sounds of singing bowls (high-low)
  • Frequencies / notes of singing bowls
  • Communication with energy centers
  • Brain waves
  • How to transport singing bowls (packaging, location, container)

Practical part:

  • Techniques for sound production
  • Practice of self-synchronization of the left and right hemispheres
  • Practice of self balancing of the body
  • Diagnostics with crystal bowls
  • Voice singing with crystal bowls

Format: Private Training In-Person (Bali, Indonesia)

Duration: 3 hours.

Private Training Price:

  • 1 person: 200 USD;
  • 2 person: 160 USD per person;
  • 3 and more: 140 USD per person.

Upon completion of the training, a certificate of completion is issued.

-10% discount for the purchase of crystal singing bowls in our store.