How to create and conduct group sessions with crystal singing bowls, how to conduct meditations, how to create immersive sound, how sound and vibrations affect the human body, how to create melodic sound, depth, wholeness, bring a person into a sound trance, gently bring in and out of states, lead in the audio stream. Working with brainwaves. How to accompany people at the beginning and after the session.

Private format: In-Person (Bali, Indonesia).

Duration: 6 hours.

Private Training Price:

  • 1 person: 400 USD;
  • 2 person: 320 USD per person;
  • 3 and more: 280 USD per person.

Upon completion of the training, a certificate of completion is issued.

The training is intended for those who have passed “Crystal Singing Bowls Training: Level 1 — Basics”.

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Course plan:

  1. Meditation with singing bowls
  2. The difference between a group session and an individual session for a participant
  3. Structure of the sound session (Sound Bath)
  4. Preparation of space and workplace
  5. Clothing and appearance
  6. Interaction with session participants before and after the session
  7. Create intention
  8. Guided meditation at the beginning and end of the session. Entering and exiting an altered state
  9. Silence and its impact
  10. What happens to the participants during the session
  11. Altar
  12. Fumigation, incense
  13. Sound. Influence on the human body and consciousness
  14. Rhytms and waves of the brain (Brainwave Entrainment) (Biorhythms of the brain)
  15. Sound (acoustic) capture
  16. Synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain
  17. Vibrations of the senses. Bioresonance. Schumann resonance
  18. Binaural beats
  19. Sound intervals
  20. Sound patterns, sound techniques
  21. Two-bowl technique
  22. Three bowl technique
  23. Additional tools
  24. Other musical instruments in sound therapy
  25. Selection of bowls in set
  26. Practices for group sessions
  27. Practices for introducing into a trance state
  28. Practices of acceleration and deceleration
  29. Practices for forcing and calming
  30. Interaction with an assistant (partner)
  31. Frequencies of chakras (energy centers)
  32. Healing the aura and chakras
  33. Solfeggio Frequencies, Frequencies of Healing or Ascension
  34. Psychosomatics